Our People

Our scientists and field experts are our primary resource. The number of years of training accumulated by our experts is astounding but their ability to convert that knowledge into actionable data is their real value. If you have a problem, we can find someone to help you analysis that problem and move toward a cost-effective solution.

Speaker Resources

Given the knowledge base of our people, we can create presentations on almost any topic but our emphasis is in on all things Green. If you want a scientist to prepare a multimedia presentation for your highschool on climate change and what students can do to help correct this problem we can do it. If you need to present something to your county commissioners relative to protecting groundwater we can do it.


If you have a plan already in place but need to make a decision between competing solutions or products, our people can evaluate various proposals and give you sound pros and cons about potential choice.


Climate Change is here whether we want it or not. Small businesses, municipalities, and organizations are on the front lines in this battle. Our scientists want to help you in this fight. We also know that money for small businesses and municipalities is tight and we have dedicated people willing to work within your budget providing actionable data at a reasonable cost. It is to everyone’s benefit to help save this planet for future generations and we will be doing our part. Let us help you do your part.

Next Steps…

Whether you have a project planned already or are just want to see if there is SOMETHING your company or organization could do, drop us a line. The enemy is here. The fight is already here. Climate Change is real and we all need to do our part in this war, and believe me, it is a war against time. Together we can do it but it requires ALL of us. Give us a call.