About Us

Our Story

This idea came out of professors talking to an environmentalist. Professors have the knowledge but no easy way to get to small businesses or cities with the desire to make the change. We decided what was needed was an organization dedicated to bringing these two groups together, as well as partners offering implementation of ideas, resulting in environmental improvement for our grandchildren and our own quality of life.

Our Approach

We have two main focuses.

1. Linking Scientist and Small Business Owners: We strongly believe linking scientists with end-user such as businesses, municipalities or organizations is a cost-effective way of making meaningful change toward reversing or mitigating climate change problems.

2. Empowering students to solve real-life problems: The youth of today is the future of tomorrow. We are committed to educating students of all ages stressing empowering the individual. We feel it is critical that students realize they are able to be instrumental in improving their future through action. To this end, we are sponsors of the “Students Taking Action” project.

Meet the Team

Brian McGee

Founder & CEO

Career educator who taught in four foreign countries. He has been a U.S. Military officer, small businessman and someone that has run for public office.

Dr. Chandana Mitra

Vice President

Climatologist who teaches in Auburn University and does research internationally on human adaption to changes in climate.

Michelle French


Small business owner with a background in marketing and graphic design

Next Steps…

Contact Brian to discuss challenges that we can work to solve and activate for you.